Active Ingredients:

Contains 3×10⁸ cfu of probiotic cultures per jujube.


Patented Ingredients:

BC30™ is a trademark of Kerry Group.


Additional Information:

Contains Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086.

Probiotic cultures help in improving intestinal or gut function.

Menthobiotic Jujubes with BC30™
A cooling and soothing eucalyptus menthol jujube added with clinically proven spore-forming probiotic BC30™ that helps to support digestive health and protein absorption.

Eucalyptus Menthol Flavour.

Made in Malaysia.

Suitable for vegetarians.



Children: Recommended to take 1-2 jujubes daily.

Adult: Recommended to take 2-4 jujubes daily.

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